“Welcome to the USW UTILITY GROUP Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Secure Web Portal. Our goal is to provide each user with the tools necessary to easily and quickly retrieve laboratory analyses data relative to your Industry in real-time.”
“USWUG is committed to providing each industry with personalized service that goes beyond their expectations and in doing so; we take a cooperative approach to industrial pollution prevention. This is beneficial to the industries that are connected to the wastewater systems we operate, the City, and the plant operator. Such an approach, which USWUG has found effective, will assist local businesses in achieving cost savings and increased operational efficiencies by having the means available to assist them in making informed process decisions based on the availability of real-time laboratory data. One of USWUG’s core values is a dedication to building winning relationships based upon first rate customer service and environmental compliance. In addition, it is our goal to improve the quality of the receiving stream and the overall environmental quality of the area. At the same time that we work with each Industry to develop cooperative and sustainable relationships, we also understand the necessity of ensuring that industrial users comply with their permits, since unauthorized industrial discharges lead to upsets, seriously threatening the effectiveness of the various plant processes and lowering the quality of the effluent.”
USW UTILITY GROUP Laboratory Information Management System